Timing is key

In this episode we look at one concrete example of smart social [media] engineering.
If you’ve been involved in Instagram (who hasn’t lol), you have definitely come across many Motivation and Inspiration profiles such as this one:

What struck me about this profile is the following:
It has well over 187k followers
it’s only following 24 users
has over 1.5k posts

BUT there is only one post that tries to promote/sell anything. Which is this one:

It was posted about 5-6 hours ago.
If you look deeper into the post you’ll see “why” — because it’s father’s day today ,, congratz to all fathers in the building!!

The post is promoting a specific product, whose original author appears to be: https://www.instagram.com/royalluxurys/

When you scroll down on that profile, you’ll notice it’s the only promotional post.
This could mean two things:

  1. Either this account is run by someone who’s truly inspired by motivational quotes and is just doing this as a hobby — thus he got paid by the owner of “royalluxurys” to re-post it.
  2. Both accounts are owned and managed by one entity. It could be that this account was purchased just recently (since it has many followers and a great engagement rate).

Whichever the case may be, it doesn’t matter as much as the following.
Smart marketers make use of good timing & seasons to make big money.
I’m not saying these guys went from rags to riches in just one day, but I’m sure they made a dozen or so additional sales in the past five hours.

First of all, looking at their website ( https://royalluxurys.com/ ), notice how badass, classy and “exclusive” the homepage looks like:

… only if their domain name wasn’t spelled so bad, I would’ve considered purchasing a watch from them, hehe :) Meaning: they know their audience and can trigger their “weak” spot which is luxury feelings.

The link in their bio sends me to this page:

Page screenshot:

Aha, look at that! The product originally costs $9.99 but now (Father’s day discount offer) it’s a $0.00.
How in the world are they making any money then!? Let’s find out ;)

When I went to the checkout page, I noticed this:

As you can see they charge $12.83 / $42.59 and $56.07 to ship a damn watch to a country in Europe (I chose Germany as destination). This means they are most likely drop shipping from some South East Asian country (Taiwan/China).

This method has been posted many times before on BHW so it’s definitely not a new strategy.
However, these examples illustrate how it’s done in practice with real examples, so lock and learn kids.

From my point of view, these guys made a horrible mistake…
Father’s day is TODAY (Sunday 18th of June),
but their shipping duration is 3 – 21 days.
These guys should’ve started their promotion on Monday 5th of June, that way they could sell their most expensive shipping package (3-5 business days) to make the most profit. Taking into consideration that people don’t want to pay $56 to ship a $9 gadget, they should’ve started their marketing campaign 2-3 weeks before Father’s day — because now it’s too damn late.

Today’s lesson: know which holidays and other special days are in the upcoming 30 days and plan your marketing campaigns accordingly. If you do not, you will lose and someone else will win.



Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites.