How To Use Reddit For Traffic, Sales and SEO

Once in a while I see threads and blog posts about Reddit and how super popular it is.
I also hear that it’s quite hard to earn any traffic / sales / money from Reddit.
I would like to investigate this matter myself and find out who IS making money from Reddit and how they are doing it. This is part 1 of the Reddit chronicles.

Part 1
One day I was looking at the “jobs & freelancing” topics on Reddit (just out of curiosity) and then I saw this:

This guy ” ” is promoting his website/blog by including it directly in his reply.
I visited his blog, and this is what it looks like:


It looks like this person is trying to be a “website design” expert, a guru, or something similar.
The blog itself is poor content wise, there are no long articles, just short summaries and guides.

But on the right (sidebar) you notice banners, which indicate he/she is promoting books/guides.
If you click on them you are often times redirected to Amazon, also notice that the link is an affiliate link.
Looks like we’ve busted this website’s method already: Reddit traffic + Amazon Affiliate program

When I visit their Reddit profile, it looked like this:

You immediately notice (marked in red rectangles) that they are promoting their blog on almost every single Reddit reply, what an overkill right !?
Apart from this fact, once in a while they also promote their own “subreddit” page:

It looks like a graveyard with only 3 posts, so there is not much going on.

Final discussion
This person definitely did something with Reddit, but it’s hard to tell he/she was successful at it.
This account has been active for more than 2 months, promoting their blog and on average each reply has gotten them 2-3 points. This could’ve gotten them 10-50 sales from Amazon’s affiliate program, but probably no more than that. I am no Reddit expert so this remains a speculative estimate.

It also looks like he/she is slowly giving up because the last post was more than 9 days ago (or they are on vacation taking time off).

Either way, I am not quite satisfied with this find so I went looking for another business on Reddit…

Part 2: BJJ

The “Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)” niche, who would’ve thought there was any money to be made online with martial arts material?
Well these guys did it amazingly well.

I found this reddit post:

They are promoting some apps (for android & apple), and when you visit their website it looks like this:

They offer one video for free and all the other ones cost $3.99 or $19.99
this is quite a lot for a damn app with some videos, but it definitely looks worth it to people who love martial arts and are interested in learning BJJ from their phone/tablet.

If you think about it, it does not take much to make such an app (given the fact that you are a black belt BJJ master) then you have a nice side income to work on :)

There is an entire BJJ subreddit:
These guys are definitely making money with their apps and BJJ products, they have been on Reddit for more than 2 years! That’s what I call dedication.

This was a nice find, but I’m sure we can do better…

Part 3
Warning (+18)
I think this one is inappropriate to be posted on a public forum, so ….
it’s up to you to figure out what they are trying to sell o_O

and then this… simply unbelievable what Reddit has to offer
notice: Amazon Affiliate program :)

Part 4

I’m not sure how long this account will survive, but I feel like they are about to be banned soon.


When you visit their website, you’ll see this they are promoting some kind of service where you can upload a PDF workout plan and then a “Messenger” (probably Facebook messenger app) will keep you motivated or something:

I’m not sure how they are making money (I didn’t bother signing up).
They do not mention any paid/premium plans on their website, so either they are completely free right now or they have a subscription plan once you start using their service(s).

I’ll stay active on Reddit for some time, if I stumble upon anything worthwhile I will add it in the comments below :) feel free to add your findings as well.



Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites.